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New Beginnings was founded by Kristen and Lawrence J. Clark in celebration of their marriage, and in response to the gratitude they share for the gift of each other.  New Beginnings is brought to you by His Witness (www.hiswitness.org), and is designed to help others grow in their understanding of God, through a deepened relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kristen Clark is the founder of His Witness, an accomplished musician, singer-songwriter, worship leader, and public speaker.  She is best known for her music CD titled “The Message”, and has written an eight week lecture series titled, “His Side of the Looking Glass: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You”, where she recounts her personal journey in learning to see herself as created for a noble purpose and how she looks to God’s guidance to become the woman He has created her to be.  Kristen is an active member and strong leader within her church and community.  She committed five years to the local Alpha program leading worship, facilitating small groups, and assisting in the training of personal ministry and pastoral care.  Additionally, Kristen has been involved in the women’s ministry and single adults group at Windwood Presbyterian Church.  Currently, Kristen attends The Metropolitan Baptist Church where she volunteers her time in support of the women’s ministry.  Kristen also donates her time to provide Christian music and entertainment for the local senior citizen and retirement homes.  When she is not making herself available for public and personal ministry to those in need, she spends her time caring for her loving husband and family, reading, learning photography and art, enjoying the company of good friends, and maintaining a closer walk with Jesus.  Her mission is to help others deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, as He has equipped her to do.

Lawrence is a learned musician and accomplished singer-songwriter, worship leader and public speaker, and God has blessed Lawrence with the gifts and talents of music, teaching and leadership.  Within his church, he has supported the singles, youth, music and drama ministries.  Lawrence has a great desire to spread the Good News and seeks opportunities outside the church to reach those who have not yet heard.  He was in missionary service in 1982 and again during 1987-1988.  Lawrence has also led Bible studies at colleges and performed at school assembly programs.  Writing songs, leading worship at various events and working on special music is also how Lawrence likes to spend his time.  Currently, Lawrence is a professor of Writing and English at HoustonBaptistUniversity, and is a member of MetropolitanBaptistChurch in Northwest Houston with his wife.  He enjoys listening to and playing music, camping, reading and writing.  In addition to his work with His Witness Ministries, Lawrence also performs regularly as The Singing Poet Guy in public schools, libraries, and community centers across the country.



        We affirm:

  • The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inspired Word God, the authoritative and infallible rule of our faith and practice.
  • The historic actuality of the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and His divine/human nature.
  • The historic actuality of the miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ as conveyed to us in the pages of Holy Scripture.
  • The efficacy of the substitutionary atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ for our sins.

The historic actuality of the bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and His coming again.

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