"Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly."
George MacDonald


1-1203879082HMCp New Beginnings was born from the desire to help ourselves and others live Joyfully and United as One. We thought Richard Strauss summed it up best for us....

"Marriage is a divine institution established by God for man's good. Yet we find it to be a most puzzling phenomenon! On one hand are great numbers of people who cannot wait to get into it, while on the other hand are multitudes of people trying desperately to get out of it! What is this all about?

...Let's face it - the institution of marriage has come upon hard times. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and sociologists are telling us that the foundations for stable homes have already been eroded, and that the whole institution is in danger of collapse. Statistics seem to support their claim. In 1900 about one in twelve marriages ended in divorce. By 1922 the number had risen to one in eight. Right now about one in three marriages ends in divorce! Since most divorces produce emotional scars that adversely affect the marriages of the following generations, the prospect is even more bleak for the future.

312260_256492524373798_5415658_n ...There's more. Census reports indicate that a frightening number of husbands and wives live separated from each other. Add to this the millions of couples who live under the same roof but are separated in spirit, and the outlook is even dimmer. Sometimes these homes are openly acknowledged battlegrounds, and sometimes there is a mutually tolerated truce - he goes his way and she goes hers, and never the twain shall meet! They may remain married for the sake of the children or for their reputations, but instead of enjoying heavenly bliss they endure a virtual hell on earth".

Can Two Walk Together? and They Shall Be One By Richard L. Strauss, www.bible.org

We believe that God's plan for us includes not only Eternal Life but also Abundant Life, and we choose to celebrate and reap that abundance in our marriage. We hope our effort helps you do the same.

We dedicate this cause to those who have gone before us, having been successful in their marriage, and to those who have the desire for success in marriage. May God help us, as we strive to help each other.